‘Tis the Season: The Christmas Lights Specialist

For many, the notion that Christmas only comes once a year is something to pleased about.

Although it’s tempting to brand these folks as ‘scrooges’ and misers, the truth is that Christmas, for most people, is an expensive, stressful time of the year.

We may all be blessed with extra time off during the festive season, but can this really be counted as a ‘holiday’ when we’re essentially forced to go out into town when it’s as its most busy and spend hundreds of pounds on gifts for our friends and family?

The costs of the festive season don’t end there though – there’s also the hoards of food that we’re expected to load the house with each year.

This isn’t just a bumper shop either, at this time of year we’re pressured into purchasing the kinds of food that we would never think of going near at any other time in the year: we’re talking port, cheese (4 or 5 types at the very least), huge quantities of chocolate and don’t forget about bucks fizz – that strangely moreish beverage that you only drink at wedding breakfasts or Christmas mornings. Once we’ve fed the whole family (and then some) you’ve also got to ensure that your home reflects the festive season suitably.

As I’ve said, many are grateful that Christmas only comes once a year, but for myself and my competitors once a year is never enough.

I’ve been working as a Christmas Lights specialist for the last 10 years – it’s a fun, creative job that allows me to reap big rewards during the lead up to the Christmas season, but finding and sustaining consistent contracts is something that I’m constantly struggling with.

The kinds of clients that I work for on a yearly basis varies greatly. One day I might be designing a bespoke display for a particularly competitive Dad, looking to best his next door neighbour, the next day I could be installing a huge centre piece for a shopping mall.

As much as the variety of jobs that I work on keeps me busy throughout the year, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain the necessary festive spirit for the whole year round – unfortunately, like a perennial Santa Claus, I’m required to keep a cheerful disposition for 9 months out of 12, after all, would you really consider hiring a glum looking person to design your Christmas decorations?

There is a reason why I focus solely on Christmas lights.

Despite having to constantly blind myself with shades of white, red and green throughout the year, working exclusively for the festive season means that I only work for 9 months of year, allowing me to enjoy the spring months of March through to the end of May without glowing neon outlines of reindeer haunting my dreams. Capitalising on the Christmas season has been my business for the last decade and I’m truly glad for every 25th December when it comes by.

If you’re one of those people who can’t stand the festive season forever encroaching upon the rest of the year, then I wouldn’t recommend stepping into my line of work.